Corrugated tube cutting machine WSM60 E touch

Corrugated pipes are used in various sectors of industry. Mostly for the protection and bundling of electrical lines but also as a pipe in itself. A widespread requirement when cutting the corrugated pipe to length is the exact cut on the crest of the corrugation to protect the guided lines.
The WSM60 E touch from the WSM series cuts corrugated pipe from 5 mm (NW3) – 60 mm (NW 50) outer diameter burr-free on the on the crest of the corrugation. This guarantees the interaction of sensors for the detection of the crest and a mechanical guiding during the rotative cut. It does not matter if the crest is wide or ultra-fine.
The machine is operated via a comfortable and intuitive touch panel. All machine data and product data can be entered via this. The memory allows the storage of up to 200 different products and their processing parameters. This allows the operator to easily retrieve the products with the appropriate instructions for setting the machine, which shortens setup times and reduces erroneous input.
To open the corrugated tube in the longitudinal direction, the machine can optionally be equipped with a slit unit.

Outer tube diameter: 5 mm (NW 3) – 60,0 mm (NW 50)
Cutting head drive: Three-phase motor
Feed drive: Servo
Length input: 0.01 mm steps
max. length input: 99,999.00 mm
max. feed rate: 1.2 m/s
Control PLC
Operation: Touchpanel
Language: DE, EN
Upper belt lift: pneumatic
Operating hours, total pieces counter
Stop material end: included
Electricity supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz (optional 110 V)
Compressed air supply: 4 bar / 58 psi
Dimensions WxHxD: 1095 x 1680 x 740 mm
Weight: 305 kg