Pre-feeder w. accumulator ZG200 B2SP

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The ZG200 B2SP is based on the feeder ZG200 B2S and therefore has the samepowerful servo drive. This unit achieves a pull-off speed of up to 2.7 m/s, works in addition to stripping technology and has been designed as a material supply for this process.
The attached cable storage stores the material needed for the next stripping process and at the same time optimizes the speed control of the feeding unit. The cables with a maximum outer diameter of 18.0 mm must be flexible and suitable for the pulley diameter of 260 mm.

Drive motor: servo motor 560 Watt
Speed: up to 2.7 m/s
Length (incl. dancer arm): 1200 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Feeding height/-width: up to 18 mm
Discharge height: 1090 mm (950 mm optionally)
max. coil weight: 100 kg
Unit weight: 110 kg
Compressed air supply: 3 bar max.
Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz / 16 A