Pre-feeder ZG400 B2

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In addition to the product group ZG200 B2, the pre-feeder ZG400 B2 has been developed for larger formated material (cable, cords, hoses etc.) with coil weights of up to 300 kg. By means of the ZG400 B2, the material can fluently be feeded to the downstream cutting or stripping process. The material is transported by two synchronically running, coated toothed belts. Fine, rough as well as non-circular material can be processed powerful but gentle with a speed up to 1.35 m/s.

For processing twisted or rigid wire, the DHS1000 D optical wire sag control unit is an ideal supplement to the ZG400 B2 pre-feeder. The DHS-sensors measure continuously the wire sag and pass forward the according feed rate.

A smooth run of the coils needs to be assured.

Due to its controller for the upper belt, the ZG400 B2 is able to process pressure-sensitive material safely and without damage.

Accessorily available is an applicable stand (as shown in the picture).

Drive: Servo, 640 W
Speed: max 1.35 m/s
l. dancer arm):
1100 mm
Depth: 480 mm
Height: 550 mm
Feeding height: 30 mm
Feeding width: 30 mm
Discharge height with
optional base stand:
1090 mm
Max. coil weight: 300 kg
Unit weight: 68 kg
Compressed air supply: 3 bar / 43.5 psi
Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz