Motorized unwinder ARG30 MF

The motor-driven unwinders of the ARG30 MF series are mainly designed to unwind hose coils such as corrugated tubes, hydraulic and high press air tubes as well as similar material. The unit is also applicable for light wire harnesses and rubber-profile coils.

The centre rods can easily be adjusted to hose coils of different core diameters. In order to process lighter coils, the rods can be removed completely.

The speed can either be controlled by means of a dancer arm with potentiometer, which is placed on the material, or alternatively by means of the optionally available sag control DHS1000 D.

ARG30 MF-600 ARG30 MF-800 ARG30 MF-1000
Drive three-phase motor three-phase motor three-phase motor
Engine power 370 Watt 370 Watt 550 Watt
Speed up to 1.2 m/s up to 1.2 m/s up to 1.2 m/s
Width 850 1050 1250
Depth 650 780 880
Height 1600 1700 1800
Height of feeding axis 900 mm 900 mm 900 mm
Max. coil weight 35 kg 35 kg 35 kg
Centre- Ø 130 – 380 mm 200 – 600 mm 240 – 800 mm
Unit weight 100 kg 115 kg 135 kg
Power supply 230 V, 50-60 Hz 230 V, 50-60 Hz 230 V, 50-60 Hz